Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network, Inc. - 2022 Annual Report

2022 PLAN Annual ReportPennsylvania Legal Aid Network, Inc. is proud to publish our 2022 Annual Report. This report highlights our organization's activities and achievements in 2022.

Our mission is to provide leadership, funding, and support to improve the availability and quality of civil legal aid and legal services for low-income people and victims of domestic violence in Pennsylvania.

As stated the welcome message from PLAN's Executive Director: 

At the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network, we are committed to fighting the broken systems that perpetuate inequality and undermine the health and stability of our communities by providing free legal advice, education, and representation to underserved families across the state.

Since our start in 1973, we have played a critical role in supporting direct legal services for Pennsylvanians by providing funding, leadership, training, and support to our Network.

As a result of the advocacy of more than 700 legal aid attorneys, paralegals, and staff who work at the fifteen legal aid organizations that make up our Network, each year we help thousands of low-income and marginalized Pennsylvanians, including the elderly, veterans, victims of abuse and domestic violence, and people with disabilities.

Please feel free to peruse this report and share it with others who can appreciate the efforts of our organization and the statewide network of dedicated advocates we support.

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