Volunteer as a Pro Bono Advocate

The work of pro bono advocates is an important part of the effort to provide legal assistance to low-income individuals and families.

You may contact any of the programs of the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network to volunteer to provide pro bono assistance. PLAN programs work with existing pro bono programs across the state and can either set up a direct pro bono referral for you, or connect you with the appropriate pro bono program in the county where you want to volunteer.

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For broader volunteer opportunities, the Pro Bono Program Directory on PAProbono.net is a searchable database of organizations, including many outside the PLAN network, that are seeking the assistance of volunteer pro bono advocates. Interested advocates can use the guide to find the right fit for their volunteer efforts.

You can select your preferences from several options, inclulding

  • geographic location;

  • area of the law you want to work in; and.

  • groups that you want to assist.

After selecting your preferences, you can then search for volunteer opportunities that are tailored to your specific requirements.

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