PLAN Specialty Legal Aid Programs

The Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network is a statewide consortium of independent legal aid programs that provides civil legal assistance to low-income individuals and families.

Included in the network are six specialized legal aid programs. These programs providing legal services in specialized areas of the law or to special groups of eligible clients in all counties in Pennsylvania.

The specialty legal aid programs in the PLAN network include:

Community Justice Project

Community Justice Project (CJP) engages in class action litigation, administrative law, legislative advocacy, and other forms of impact litigation to help create positive change for low-income residents across Pennsylvania. CJP challenges policies and practices that cause hardship to low-income people throughout the Commonwealth. It fights for improvements to public benefits, increased access to affordable housing, better pay for workers, and many other issues.

Justice at Work

Justice at Work provides legal representation for low-wage and immigrant workers in Pennsylvania. It helps workers with different types of cases, such as unpaid wages, discrimination at work, and some types of immigration problems. It also provide community education about workers’ rights and trainings for service providers. 

Pennsylvania Health Law Project

Pennsylvania Health Law Project represents Pennsylvanians who need help getting or keeping Medicaid (also known as Medical Assistance or MA). It operates a Helpline that serves thousands of individuals from across the state each year by listening to the caller's story and translating their personal experience into a legal problem to be solved. 

Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project

The Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project's (PILP) mission is to ensure equal access to justice for the shocking number of indigent incarcerated and institutionalized people within our commonwealth whose constitutional and other rights are being violated. PILP provides civil legal assistance free of charge and is committed to ensuring that the most marginalized members of our community behind bars are afforded their constitutionally protected rights.

Pennsylvania Utility Law Project

The Pennsylvania Utility Law Project (PULP) provides information, assistance, and advice about residential utility and energy matters affecting low-income consumers. PULP serves all of Pennsylvania. It represents, as direct counsel or co-counsel, low-income residential utility customers who qualify for help. It also represents the interests of low-income, residential utility consumers before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, and other state and federal agencies who are involved with energy or utility matters.

Regional Housing Legal Service

Regional Housing Legal Services (RHLS) is a nonprofit law firm with unique expertise in affordable, sustainable housing and its related components including community and economic development, utility matters and preservation of home ownership. RHLS provides innovative project and policy solutions that help create sustainable communities. It offers direct representation to approximately 100 community-based organizations per year, works to shape housing and community-development policy across Pennsylvania, and offers programs to meet the needs of some of our state’s most vulnerable.


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