LSC Awards Nearly $4 Million in Technology Grants to Legal Aid Organizations

Legal Services Corporation logoThe Legal Services Corporation (LSC) announced today that it is awarding 26 Technology Initiative Grants (TIG) to 24 legal services organizations in 21 states for a total of $3,891,457. 

The TIG program funds projects that use technology to provide greater access to high-quality legal assistance for low-income Americans. Established in 2000, the program distributes up to $4 million annually to LSC-funded legal aid organizations around the country. LSC has funded more than 700 technology projects totally more than $60 million. LSC grantees use this funding to explore new ways of serving eligible clients, strengthen program capacity, and support the efforts of pro bono attorneys.

“LSC’s Technology Initiative Grants increase access to justice for low-income people with critical civil legal needs,” said LSC President Jim Sandman. “These technology projects improve the delivery of legal services and make a difference to the millions of Americans who would otherwise have to navigate the legal system alone.”

Among the 26 funded initiatives are projects that enhance online self-help resources, expand services to rural communities, and facilitate clients’ ability to seek legal help via text messaging services and voice assistants like Google’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

In Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Legal Assistance was awarded $210,000 to expand software tools on the system. Upsolve helps individuals who cannot afford an attorney to complete Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings. Enhancements will include streamlining the bankruptcy questionnaire and improving Upsolve’s operation on mobile devices. 

For a full list of the grants awarded, visit

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