I-CAN! E-File Returns to Pennsylvania - System Can Help You Do Your Taxes for FREE and Get Your Earned Income Tax Credit

I-CAN!® E-File is a FREE internet-based resource that can help low to moderate income taxpayers file their tax returns and claim the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Just answer simple questions on each screen and I-CAN!® E-File will complete your tax return.

This service returns to Pennsylvania for the 2009 tax year after successfully assisting many taxpayers claim their Earned Income Credit and Child Tax credits last spring.

When you prepare your federal return, I-CAN!® E-File can also help you prepare your state return if you lived and worked all year in Pennsylvania. You can always print and E-File your state return for FREE along with your federal return. However, you cannot use I-CAN!® E-File to prepare or E-File a state return only.

Visit the I-CAN!® E-File website for more information and to file your 2009 income tax returns.

I-CAN!® E-File website

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