Eviction Record Sealing Webinar to be held April 19, 2024

Community Legal Services logoJoin Representative Ismail “Izzy” Smith-Wade-El, PolicyLink, and Community Legal Services of Philadelphia for an eviction record sealing webinar entitled Advancing Pennsylvania’s Housing Futures: Sealing Eviction Records for Housing Stability and Economic Prosperity on April 19, 2024 at 1:00 PM Eastern, to learn about how eviction records present a large barrier to equitable housing access. 

You will hear from impacted tenants who are advocating for change and will learn how you can raise your voice to help pass the Ready to Rent Act, a new bill that aims to protect tenants with eviction records against discrimination and long-term housing insecurity.

Over the past year, Pennsylvania landlords have filed more than 116,000 evictions. In each case, a long-lasting eviction record was created the moment a landlord filed to evict their tenant, regardless of the case's merit. This blemish follows working families every time they apply for a new home, even if they were never actually evicted or if a case ended in their favor.

The Ready to Rent Act

On March 25th, State Representatives Ismail Smith-Wade-El (D-49), Elizabeth Fiedler (D-184), Rick Krajewski (D-188), and Majority Appropriations Committee Chairman Jordan Harris (D-186) introduced legislation, Pennsylvania House Bill 1769 - The Ready to Rent Act, to limit public access to eviction records.

If passed, the Ready to Rent Act would seal eviction records unless a final disposition of the case in favor of the landlord is present and the case is less than seven years old.


  • Holly Beck, Divisional Supervising Attorney, Community Legal Services of Philadelphia
  • Jasmine Rangel, Senior Housing Associate, PolicyLink
  • Honorable Ismail “Izzy” Smith-Wade-El, State Representative, District 49, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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