Pennsylvania L&I Providing New Free Virtual Job Training Programs Through PA CareerLink®

Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) Deputy Secretary for Workforce Development Sheila Ireland today reminded Pennsylvanians that more than 5,000 free unique virtual training modules are now available through SkillUp® PA, a virtual learning platform offered in partnership with Metrix Learning and PA CareerLink®. SkillUp® PA provides free online job training that helps the commonwealth's workers gain new skills and advance their careers.  

"SkillUp® PA will let Pennsylvanians in any corner of the commonwealth learn new skills online at no cost," said Deputy Secretary Ireland. "This new virtual job training program is a true win-win for Pennsylvanians who need to enter the workforce or advance their careers as well as the businesses who will get a new pipeline of the skilled workers they need to succeed."

SkillUp® PA launched Saturday, August 14. Pennsylvanians interested in SkillUp® PA virtual training should visit PA CareerLink® at for more information, including how to register.

Some of the online trainings available through SkillUp® PA include:

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Clerical
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Marketing
  • Microsoft Office
  • Project Management
  • Soft skills such as communication, time management and professionalism.

L&I encourages job seekers to register online with PA CareerLink® or reach out directly to their local offices to learn more about other free programs and resources that are available, including:

  • Job search and training assistance;
  • Adult education classes and workshops;
  • Résumé assistance; and
  • Referral services to partners.

Pennsylvania joins seventeen other states that are using the SkillUp® program from Metrix Learning to help workforce populations update their skills and improve employment prospects. This learning program is already in use by job seekers, employers and community partners in both Lancaster and Lackawanna counties.

Since 2008, Metrix Learning, a web-based Learning Management System, has been used to meet the virtual career service needs of workforce development boards, libraries, businesses, and colleges. Metrix Learning offers comprehensive and impactful skills training, certification preparation, and assessments. Over 350,000 job seekers have successfully used Metrix to update their job skills to gain employment.

L&I is using 100% federal funding under the Wagner-Peyser program for this online learning tool. The total dollar amount for the program for the next three years is $2.64 million ($880,000 annually).

PA CareerLink® serves as a one-stop shop for many job seeker and business-related services. Pennsylvanians can find contact information and upcoming events or resources for their local PA CareerLink® by visiting


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