PBI Changes Discount Policy for Legal Services/Public Interest Lawyers

The Pennsylvania Bar Institute (PBI) is instituting a new discount policy for continuing legal education programs provided to legal services and public interest attorneys beginning  July 1, 2019. Beginning on that date, PBI will offer a 50% discount on live programming for lawyers who work full-time for approved legal services or public interest organizations. 

Previously, PBI offered a 100% discount on the annually required 12 CLE credits for public services lawyers working at approved organizations. PBI indicated in an email message directed to affected attorneys that the discount structure needed to change in order for the organization to continue to sustainably provide top notch programming and resources for Pennsylvania attorneys.

The new 50% discount program is not limited to 12 hours of CLE annually, but will be available for all live in-person, simulcast, and video replay programs.

Online courses (Webcast, Webinar, On-Demand Video, Podcast) are NOT eligible for the new discount. Practising Law Institute (PLI) courses offered through PBI are also NOT eligible, although PLI has a generous discount program for programs purchased directly from PLI. https://learning.pli.edu/scholarship.

The full PBI discount policy is available on the PBI website at http://www.pbi.org/help/discounts-scholarships-in-home-study.

PBI stated in the email message to affected lawyers that it has always been proud to partner with lawyers working for public interest or legal services organizations, and that its goal is to continue to provide significant discounts to full-time attorneys who serve the public.

The Pennsylvania Bar Institute is the continuing legal education arm of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. PBI is a fully self-supporting nonprofit organization that receives no portion of bar dues, and no government subsidies. Revenue from course tuition and the sale of books and media is used to meet the costs of producing the services provided and the costs of program operations.

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