Governor Wolf Issues Proclamation Recognizing Pro Bono Week 2018

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf issued a proclamation on September 28, 2018 acknowledging and supporting Pro Bono Week 2018 in Pennsylvania.

The proclamation recognized the week as an opportunity to highlight the differences lawyers make in their communities, to recruit and train more pro bono volunteers and to acknowledge the partnerships that form the basis for many of the private bar's most successful pro bono efforts. The Pennsylvania Bar Association is recognized as joining with the American Bar Association in sponsoring the National Pro Bono Week celebration.

The Proclamation encourages all Pennsylvanians to recognize and appreciate the dedication and contributions of these law
professionals to enhancing the lives of their clients, and to support pro bono legal work in their communities.

The full Proclamation can be viewed below and at

Resolutions were also introduced in both the Pennsylvania Senate and the Pennsylvania House on September 25 designating the week as Pro Bono Week, and were formally adopted on that date.

The Senate Resolution was introduced by Senator Jay Costa.  The House Resolution was introduced by Representatives  Kate Harper, Katharine M. Watson, Thomas Caltagirone, Lynda Schlegel Culver, Mary Jo Daley, Daniel J. Deasy, Anthony M.DeLuca, Gene DiGirolamo, Michael J. Driscoll, Cris Dush, Harold A. English, Carol Hill-Evans, Sid Michaels Kavulich,  Stephen Kinsey, Mark Longietti, Ron Marsico, David R. Millard, Ed Neilson, Harry Readshaw, Francis X. Ryan, and Curtis G. Sonney.

For more information on the National Pro Bono Celebration, please visit; for information on the Celebration in Pennsylvania, visit and

Proclamation of Governor Tom Wolf


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