2021 VOCA Training: Family Law Essentials and New COVID Considerations

2021 PLAN VOCA Grantee Training

June 10, 2021 - 1.5 Hour

This 90 minute session, led by two experienced family law attorneys, outlined the foundational elements of core family law practice areas, including child custody, support, and protection from abuse. The speakers reviewed relevant statutes, case law, and pending legislation while providing practice tips tailored for the virtual courtroom. In addition, this session covered special relief options and programs for survivors of domestic violence and discussed the implications of pandemic-related relief payments, child tax credits, and other remedies in the American Rescue Plan Act.

Sarah Robinson, Philadelphia Legal Assistance
Amber McGee, Philadelphia Legal Assistance

NOTE: Viewing this recording DOES NOT satisfy your 2021 PCCD training requirement or qualify for PA CLE Credit. This recording must have been viewed LIVE to be applied to your 2021 training requirements. For information on viewing recorded sessions for PCCD training credits visit 2021 PLAN VOCA Grantee Training





Slides-Family Law 101 Learning the Basics and Navigating the Virus.pdf

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