2021 VOCA Training: Accessing Benefits From the County Assistance Office for Survivors of DV or Sexual Assault

2021 PLAN VOCA Grantee Training

June 7, 2021- 1 Hour

Cash Assistance, SNAP/Food Stamps, and Medicaid Benefits are an important resource for survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault. This session provides information on accessing benefits during the pandemic, provisions to protect and assist survivors of DV or sexual assault, and how to appeal denials of benefits. The new expanded monthly federal Child Tax Credit was also discussed.

Amy Hirsch, Community Legal Services of Philadelphia

NOTE: Viewing this recording DOES NOT satisfy your 2021 PCCD training requirement or qualify for PA CLE Credit. This recording must have been viewed LIVE to be applied to your 2021 training requirements. For information on viewing recorded sessions for PCCD training credits visit 2021 PLAN VOCA Grantee Training.





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