2021 VOCA Training: Medical Assistance for Crime Victims (with special focus on domestic violence)

2021 PLAN VOCA Grantee Training

June 14, 2021 - 1.5 Hour

This training provided an overview of Medical Assistance (also known as Medicaid) program eligibility in Pennsylvania, with special focus on domestic violence survivors.

The training provides information on how clients and their advocates can navigate the Medical Assistance system. There is much more to Medical Assistance than regular healthcare coverage that includes personal assistance services at home, mental health coverage, home modification, medical and non-medical transportation, and more. With private health insurance companies taking over as gate keepers of the Medical Assistance programs in Pennsylvania, this timely presentation will help advocates for survivors acquire greater knowledge on how the Medical Assistance system is working and learn strategies to help clients navigate the process.  

PHLP through direct client representation is aware of the many difficulties victims of crime and their families endure and some stories about these experiences are shared during the program. 

Asha Ramachandran, PA Health Law Project
James (Jake) Lee, PA Health Law Project




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