2021 VOCA Training: Civil Litigation: Before, During and After the Pandemic

2021 PLAN VOCA Grantee Training

June 9, 2021 - 1 Hour

The increased need for civil legal aid during the pandemic forced courts and attorneys alike to drastically pivot their approaches to the provision of justice and services. Drawing on their experiences as civil litigators in both the Western and Eastern parts of the Commonwealth, Amber and Sarah will lead a discussion on the myriad of ways in which the pandemic has impacted civil litigation. Through the lens of family law and landlord/tenant law, this session will touch on challenges to the attorney-client relationship, changes in hearing preparation and pre-trial work, and the advantages and disadvantages of remote hearings.

Sarah Robinson, Philadelphia Legal Assistance
Amber McGee, Philadelphia Legal Assistance

NOTE: Viewing this recording DOES NOT satisfy your 2021 PCCD training requirement or qualify for PA CLE Credit. This recording must have been viewed LIVE to be applied to your 2021 training requirements. For information on viewing recorded sessions for PCCD training credits visit 2021 PLAN VOCA Grantee Training.





Slides-Civil Litigation-Before, During and After the Pandemic.pdf


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