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Protesters say Pennsylvania's state budget axe could put hundreds of veterans and veterans' home workers on the street unless some proposed cuts are restored.

State Senate leaders are proposing $7.6 million in cuts to veterans' homes across Pennsylvania, which would result in another nearly $6 million lost in federal matching funds.

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Hundreds of extremely low-income families living with HIV/AIDS will receive support in maintaining a permanent affordable home as a result of $21.4 million in grants announced by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

In each of the next three years, these grants are expected to help 1,159 households address the challenges of living with HIV by improving their ability to manage illnesses and consistently engage in appropriate care as a result of their on-going housing arrangements. News

Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania has joined with the Bucks County Courts system and the Bucks County Bar Association to launch a pilot program called The Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program.


Effective August 3, 2009, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania will move to the Pennsylvania Judicial Center. The Chief Clerk's Office address will change to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Judicial Center, 601 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 2100, P. O. Box 69185, Harrisburg, PA 17106-9185.