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Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network (PLAN) seeks applicants for the full-time position of Special Program Coordinator. This person is responsible for the overall coordination of the statewide Disability Advocacy Program and for other special PLAN programs and responsibilities, especially including data tracking and reporting. The variety of skillsets needed requires a versatile and detail-oriented person. The position does not require the person be an attorney.

PLAN is a non-profit corporation administering and overseeing funding to the PLAN Network of civil legal aid programs across the state. These programs offer legal representation to low income clients and victims of domestic violence.

A portion of this job is to provide overall leadership, coordination and logistical support for the statewide Disability Advocacy Program (DAP), including regular review, evaluation, and approval of DAP plans and performance (in consultation with the PLAN Executive Director). The DAP program generally involves PLAN programs representation of disabled Pennsylvanians who seek Social Security Disability or SSI benefits. The person need not be an expert in all aspects of disability advocacy or be experienced in representing individual clients in this area but familiarity with these areas is desirable and the person will develop a high level of knowledge of the content of this advocacy.

The position involves oversight of the statewide DAP program, by providing leadership, support, and development of activities of the DAP program.

Periodically, the DAP Coordinator should produce reports on the effectiveness of the DAP program and its compliance with program requirements, for review by PLAN leadership, the PLAN Board, and funders.

In addition to the DAP program activities, this person performs special projects and other related duties as assigned, and is responsible for reviewing other special programs of PLAN and producing reports and evaluations as needed. Some of these are regular reports, such as analysis of audits and end of year reports to assemble useful data for use by PLAN, Inc., its programs, and others.

Availability: Position is available now.

Salary: $45,000 depending upon experience

Benefits: Excellent, including health and retirement

Qualifications: Bachelors Degree or equivalent, proven experience in related type of position, proven commitment to programs benefitting poor people.

Send Resume and cover letter to: Samuel Milkes, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network: info@palegalaid.net.

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