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A Social Worker will provide a variety of social services to help NLS clients resolve critical issues in order to enhance the effectiveness of staff attorney representation. Social Workers shall work with attorneys, paralegals, students, and others on cases or projects; engage in/encourage community education; participate in fundraising efforts; and  work  with  the  Executive  Director and his designee  to  ensure  compliance  with  all  regulations  and  funding requirements of the program.


  • Collaboration and case planning with attorneys and other staff to further the goals of legal representation;
  • Provide a variety of social services to help clients resolve critical issues in order to enhance the effectiveness of legal representation;
  • Conduct interventions with clients as appropriate;
  • Advocate for clients with other agencies and various entities in the securing of needed services and benefits;
  • Maintain the referral database of social service agencies;
  • Participate in community advocacy groups and effectively represent NLSA in those groups;
  • Assist legal staff with social work aspects of legal cases;
  • Coordinate the provision of social services with legal representation for effective solutions to client problems;
  • Assist in selection and preparation of expert witnesses;
  • Monitor needs of the client community and recommend areas of advocacy development, including community education and self-help advocacy development;
  • Conduct interviews including eligibility, assessment and substantive interviews in person and by telephone including such interviews as may at times take place outside the regular office setting;
  • Provide comprehensive assessments of client needs including recommended actions;
  • Function as a community advocate for NLS and its clients where appropriate;
  • Function as a Field Supervisor for B.S. and MSW programs
  • Maintain excellent working relationships with the School of Social Work at such institutions as the University of Pittsburgh and Slippery Rock University;
  • Participate as a professional in an interdisciplinary environment that can include attorneys, court personnel, judges, other social workers, other agency or government employees and representatives;
  • Perform such other duties related to the above as assigned by appropriate personnel;


  • Work with various community groups and accept speaking engagements as assigned;
  • Participate, as requested or assigned, in program efforts to advance the organization  and any fundraising initiatives (or efforts)
  • Perform other duties as assigned within the scope of the essential functions of the position;


  • BS  or MSW  from an accredited university. 
  • Computer knowledge and appropriate use of Word, Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and PowerPoint;
  • Demonstrated Organizational Skills;
  •  Must have efficient transportation to locations other than the NLS office as needed for work;
  • Be able to work with difficult clients;
  • Commitment
  • Patience
  • Flexibility
  • Able to cope with traumatic situations
  • Problem solving
  • Analytical skills

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