Director, Homeownership Rights - SeniorLAW Center, Philadelphia

Full-time leadership position available May 2021

SeniorLAW Center logoSeniorLAW Center seeks excellent and experienced candidates to join its team of public interest attorneys and advocates. We seek a full-time attorney licensed and in good standing in Pennsylvania with at least 6 years of experience handling home ownership legal issues, including mortgage problems, municipal lien disputes, property conveyancing, deed fraud, home repair contractor fraud, and/or estate administration.

The candidate must possess high quality advocacy and negotiating skills, as well as strong organizational and interpersonal skills. A demonstrated interest in working with older and/or disenfranchised people and sensitivity to older persons of diverse backgrounds is sought. The candidate must be a motivated self-starter and a strong supervisor of diverse staff, including inspiring younger staff members and helping to facilitate their career development.

Excellent and engaging public speaking skills, demonstrated excellence in legal research and writing, and comfort and proficiency with technology are essential. Comfort with social media platforms is preferred. Relevant experience working in a legal services program and knowledge of Legal Server Case Management System is a plus.

Responsibilities: The Director will pursue and lead SeniorLAW Center’s mission of raising the visibility of older low-income homeowners and keeping them safe and independent in their homes and communities. The Director leads the Homeownership Rights Team of attorneys, legal advocates, and law students. The Director provides direct representation to program clients, conducts community outreach, both in-person and virtual presentations, and provides professional education and training for our volunteer attorneys while also participating in local, statewide, and federal systemic efforts that support our mission.

The Director sets priorities for case acceptance and oversees all assignments to staff, supervises attorneys and legal advocates, participates in the development of individual case handling strategy, and monitors completion of assignments. The Director consults with and guides volunteer attorneys and the law firm and corporate counsel pro bono practice groups handling SeniorLAW Center homeownership matters.

This position reports to the Legal Director. Agency supervision of the Homeownership Rights program is performed by the Executive Director.


Supervision and Accountability

  1. Conduct quality control monitoring of the intake process for the project.
  2. Assign priority cases to attorneys, legal advocates, and volunteer attorneys.
  3. Conduct case strategy review meetings with individual staff members; frequency to be determined by the knowledge and experience level of a staff member.
  4. Work with area law schools to hire research assistants and intake staff for court programs each semester. Assign and monitor law student research projects. Provide feedback to students and law school advisors.
  5. Conduct monthly monitoring of case handling by volunteer attorney and law firm practice groups, providing support, guidance, collaboration, and feedback to practice group members as needed.
  6. Monitor caseloads of team members and project; assess the list of cases awaiting assignment; perform quality control on closed cases and track Outcome Measurements for funding reports.
  7. Organize and lead monthly Homeownership Rights team meetings.
  8. Participate in the creative process of applying for new sources of project funding bringing up-to-date homeownership statistics and information about emerging issues, such as how to help preserve affordable housing for seniors
  9. Supervise the creation of written articles of interest to senior homeowners and oversee up-to-date posting on the SeniorLAW Center website of all Homeownership Rights activities and items of interest. Encourage staff to make written contributions to legal publications.
  10. Discuss career development with each staff member and conduct a yearly review of job performance.
  11. Provide focused special services for homebound, Limited English Proficiency, and vulnerable elders, coordinating with the housing counseling network and members of the legal staff.
  12. Actively contribute to and participate in Legal Team meetings and monthly Staff Meeting. Propose topics of interest.

Client Representation

  1. Represent senior homeowners in mortgage foreclosure mediation and negotiate property tax disputes and licenses & inspection violations. Explore the possibility of expanding our legal representation services to litigation of home contractor fraud, mortgage disputes, deed fraud, and predatory home buying.
  2. Untangle title to real property by probating the estate of the deceased record owner and passing ownership to the current occupants.

Outreach/Community Relations

  1. Create community education forums on urgent legal needs and present the information in the affected neighborhoods, both virtually and in-person, when possible. Respond to requests from government agencies and senior services centers for education and outreach.
  2. Research and develop professional training materials and make presentations to attorneys, judges, caregivers, case managers, housing counselors and other professionals about current legal topics focused on seniors.
  3. Train staff to be workshop presenters and to facilitate virtual presentations.

Systems Advocacy

  1.  Identify systemic problems affecting elderly homeowners and work with our local and national partners, including National Consumer Law Center, to develop creative solutions.
  2. Participate as SeniorLAW Center’s representative to senior homeowner focused committees sponsored by the City, the Philadelphia Bar Association, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the Judiciary
  3. Advocate with appropriate representatives of government, quasi-government and community development agencies, and housing counseling agencies.

Resource Development and Philanthropy

    1. Work with Executive Director, Legal Director, Development Team, and Homeownership Rights Team to track and report on the excellent work of the team, explore new funding opportunities, and share successes, challenges, and good stories, with media, board, funders, elected leaders, partners, and others, as we continue to develop an organizational culture of philanthropy and ambassadorship.


  • Licensed attorney in good standing in Pennsylvania
  • At least 6 years of experience handling home ownership legal issues, including mortgage problems, municipal lien disputes, property conveyancing, deed fraud, home repair contractor fraud, and/or estate administration.
  • Excellent supervisory/management, writing, organizational, interpersonal, and presentation skills.
  • Interest and ability to work with older people and persons of different backgrounds and a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.


  • J.D.

This is a full-time exempt position. Excellent benefits, including health and dental, 401k, flexible spending plan, and generous leave time. Salary range: $65,000-$80,000.

All applications should include a cover letter, resume, and at least three (3) professional references, as well as salary range requirements.

Please send by email to the attention of Dana N. Goldberg, Esq., Legal Director, at 

No phone calls, please.



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