2015 Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network Conference


Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network - 2015 Statewide Conference

The 2015 Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network Conference was held on October 1-2, 2015 at the Hilton Harrisburg Hotel.

CLICK HERE to view the Conference at a Glance listing the workshops for the conference. 

Resources from the workshops presented at the conference are available at the workshop links below.

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PLENARY SESSION - Advocacy In Legal Aid

  1. Ethical, Effective Communications for Civil Legal Aid Programs - Delivering the Civil Legal Aid Message [Ethics]  
  2. Rents, Utility Allowances, Criminal Histories & Other Issues in HUD-assisted & Low Income Housing Tax Credit Housing  
  3. Roundtable on Wage Enforcement with Labor & Industry  
  4. Sexual Violence Protection Orders  
  5. Navigating the Deregulated Utility Markets
  6. Client Utility Roundtable 
  7. Communications Planning in PA  
  8. How to work with Nursing Home Ombudsmen to Achieve Client Goals  
  9. Effective Mediation as a Legal Services Tool  
  10. Avoiding Property Tax Sales: Non-Bankruptcy Litigation and Legislation  
  11. Medical/Legal Partnerships  
  12. Chapter 14 in 2015: An Overview & Update of Billing & Collection Standards
  13. Client Board Leadership - Part I  
  14. Donor & Constituent Behavior  
  15. Tactics for Obtaining Relief in Protection from Abuse Actions
  16. Tips for Defending Mortgage Foreclosure Actions 
  17. Errant Judges: What is a Lawyer to Do?
  18. SSI Income & Resources – What Every Legal Advocate Needs To Know
  19. Landlord and Tenant Potpourri
  20. Effective Messaging to Capture & Motivate Donors
  21. Nuts and Bolts of Bankruptcy: How to File a Chapter 7  
  22. Changes to the Child Protective Services Law & the Impact on Your Legal Practice  
  23. Universal Service Program Overview & Update
  24. Office of Consumer Affairs and its Relevance to Legal Aid Clients  
  25. HEMAP Appeals
  26. Client Board Leadership - Part II
  27. Digital Fundraising  
  28. Using Bankruptcy to Prevent Evictions & Protect Section 8 Benefits  
  29. PFA: Contempts & Collateral Estoppel  
  30. Home and Community Based Services (HCBS): Is the Future of Managed Care?  
  31. A Dialogue Between Law Schools & Legal Aid Providers 
  32. Taking the Plunge Into Social Media  
  33. Enforcing Equal Access to Vital Services on Behalf of Limited English Proficient Clients Under Title VI and Other Laws  
  34. Immigration 101: What Legal Services Providers Need to Know  
  35. No Disparate Impact, No Problem: Criminal Record Employment Discrimination Under State Law  
  36. Legal Services and Pro Bono: Where do we go from here?
  37. Stalking as a Form of Abuse  
  38. Tips & Strategies for Working More Effectively with CAOs  
  39. Accessing Federal Grant Funding and Other Resources for Civil Legal Aid 
  40. Accommodations for the Pregnant Worker  
  41. Accessing Drug & Alcohol Treatment  
  42. Overview of IRS Tax Controversies Affecting Low Income Taxpayers  
  43. Evidentiary Social Media