HB 12 - New Options for Victims of Domestic Violence


Governor Tom Wolf and Executive Director Sam MilkesI was pleased to attend Governor Wolf’s signing of HB12 yesterday in Allentown. This important legislation, which passed the state House and Senate unanimously, creates important options for survivors of domestic violence who seek a divorce from an abusive spouse. It allows a divorce to proceed without any required counseling, which is normally required in divorce actions and it allows for divorces to be entered when the spouse had committed a personal injury crime.

I was honored that in his remarks, Gov. Wolf singled me out for my help in the initial drafting of this bill. Imagine requiring a domestic violence survivor to participate in mandatory counseling with her abuser, before she could obtain a divorce!

The Act can be read at: bit.ly/HB15-2015.

Rep. Schlossberg, the prime sponsor of this bill, was also there and was very excited about the final signing of this important legislation. He was inspired by clients of Turning Point, the domestic violence program serving clients in this area of the state. Their Executive Director, Lori G. Sywensky was there and also spoke.